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Carrousel's single "Pyschobabble Drama" is a dark and demented journey through a dystopian world

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Carrousel Carrousel

Carrousel is a Los Angeles-based duo consisting of Joel Piedt (songwriter, vocals, production) and Rosa Sharon Piedt (songwriter, vocals). Carrousel’s music examines “the fraught dystopia of life and the spiraling process of depression, both within an individual and nation.” The band is releasing their latest single entitled “Pyschobabble Drama” which is a cut taken from their new album Magnificent Desolation.


The futurist pop duo fuses their energies in producing deeply melodic electro-pop rhythms with inspiration drawn from the indie rock and pop genres. Sounding unlike any band before them, their sound is all their own. Taking their cues from an unhinged world, Carrousel’s music is both a gesture to the chaos as well as a metaphor to our “illusionary existence.” The majority of the track shifts into the friction of living in this world of disorder and confusion and making it work. “Pyschobabble Drama” works in the drama with a candid and candor that is refreshing.


Airy synths give up a New Wave feel to this mainly ‘80s-inspired track. The duo’s combined vocal layers are lush and dynamic. Filled with urgent riffs, the duo expertly maneuvers through an electro-pop backbeat and demanding wave of instrumentals. The vocals are startling and will open a whole new world to explore. The single talks about a dystopian world that we wind towards as our scope and vision wavers over the horizon. Just around the bend, there is a shadowy underworld that we must be careful when stepping into. Carrousel’s dark themes revolve around the chaotic existence of these different universes and how we must fight to embrace it all.


With an expansive sound, their music leans into dark riffs and a sweeping sound that is on a wavelength of its own. Conjuring an enigmatic worldview, the likes of Blade Runner and Inception, Carrousel’s epic sonic release undercuts the momentum of the world as we know it and where it is moving toward. There is no stopping the collision, but that doesn’t make Carrousel’s movement any less relevant. Stark and immediate, the duo’s music demands your attention. They are definitely going places with their sound.



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Carrousel's "Pyschobabble Drama"
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