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Look out for Aliek's sultry new single "What You Like"

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Aliek Aliek

“What You Like” is a sultry new single by Aliek. Based out of Los Angeles, Aliek is no stranger to the music business. They have been backing some of LA’s finest artists for years. Now it is time for them to appear in the limelight, as this brand-new track is a good introduction of their brand of pop and R&B that is both soul-driven with a great cinematic appeal.


With “What You Like,” Aliek takes some warbling synths, processed vocals, and a barely contained heat factor and combines all that to give you an unforgettable performance. Slowly the music grows in volume, making for a grandiose and over-the-top sound. This proved to be a very dance-worthy jam. One part introspective and the other a fabulous dance piece, this music has it all. I was equally moved by all the parts.


Aliek tells, “I’m not inherently smooth or cool – just ask my partner of nine years. So I wrote ‘What You Like’ in order to live out that fantasy of being extremely confident and saying what is on my mind. I imagined seeing my fiancé for the first time and going right up to her and confidently picking her up, as opposed to waiting four years to even tell her how I feel. This song is about self-empowerment and taking risks, and I hope it inspired listeners to do just that… and dance in their car.”


The infectious melody and catchy rhythms make grooving in your car a requisite. This is a good start and I look forward to seeing more from this artist.




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Aliek's "What You Like"
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