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Vibes for Visuals is Diversal's Instrumental Catalog & Service. This sample-friendly catalog is designed for Music Producers and project-oriented Music Consumers to have a more productive and collaborative online experience.  This space is not meant for completed projects/songs, rather a sound framework towards further completion through collaboration. 

Music Producers: 
Have you slowly built a large catalog of music? 
Is making music your passion? 
Have you been messing around with Garageband and actually made a few good beats?
Do you need to grow your clientele? 

If you said yes to any of these, start here.

Music Consumers: 
Are you working on a video or app and need background music?
Are you into film and looking for scores or other specific vibes for certain scenes? 
Are your a business owner and need music for promotional videos?
Are you a store owner and need unique music for in-store radio playlist? 
Are you interested in listening to instrumentals to write music? 

If you said yes to any of these, click here. 



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Music Producers
Music Instrumentals
For an Album
For a Single
For a Mixtape
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