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Harrison Storm provides an urgent and haunting anthem with "Breathe Again"

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Australian singer-songwriter Harrison Storm is a born troubadour, having traded college for busking in Melbourne. From busking to performing to packed crowds across Australia, UK, EU, US and Canada, he has developed a powerful stage presence alongside the likes of Snow Patrol, Tash Sultana, Gregory Alan Isakov, Michael Franti, Husky, The Cat Empire, The Paper Kites, The Head and the Heart, and much more. Storm is releasing his newest single “Breathe Again.”


Haunting and mesmerizing, Storm has created an unforgettable anthem filled with urgency and pensive riffs. The introspective lyrics and music will put listeners in a contemplative mood. Storm’s dynamic vocals really soar and come to life. At the center of this track is Storm’s resounding voice that really pulls the song together. Filled with soul and warmth, what you get is an intimate performance from the powerful singer.


“Breathe Again” features evocative finger-picking on the acoustic guitar. Next, the vocals come in along with the sounds of beats and percussions. The vocals are soaring and dynamic. The music has a fluid flow to it. A strong sense of urgency underlines this track. The music and vocals are in equal parts dynamic and evocative. The vibe is haunting and dream-like. The sounds that surface are soaring and ethereal. The atmosphere is definitely other-worldly. A piano melody courses through this epic ballad.


In the singer-songwriter vein, Storm wears his heart on his sleeve on this warm and heartfelt number. You can tell Storm is an artist who is willing to bare-all, as this composition is honest, raw and searing. Filled with soaring music and vocals that really take flight, the singer-songwriter leaves listeners wanting more. Luckily for audiences, this is only the beginning. “Breathe Again” is the latest single to be lifted from the upcoming EP release later this year via Nettwerk Records. If “Breathe Again” is any indicator, the new EP will be something to behold.

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