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Dallas Tamaira dazzles with soulful new single "Spider"

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Dallas Tamaira Dallas Tamaira

Besides his solo work, Dallas Tamaira is also the founding member and vocalist to New Zealand-based Fat Freddy’s Drop. The band was supposed to go on a two-month long UK/European tour but due to the pandemic, their plans were cut short. But rather focus on the negative, Tamaira fused his energies into turning the experience into one that was a positive and productive time.


Tamira’s brand-new single “Spider” represents the slower pace of life he fell in love with during his time under confinement. Together with the slow grooving beats and the guitar and piano, the sound is altogether laid-back and soothing. I was reminded of such folk legends like James Taylor and Bob Dylan but with way more soul. I loved the mellow sounds here. Tamaira doesn’t rush anything here, letting things evolve in their own pace and for that, music seems to really grow on you.


Talking about the track, Tamaira says, “The underlying message in the lyrics is that life can be hard sometimes and that’s ok. For some people, it’s more important to see the world for how it is rather than maintaining a constant positive outlook. We are all built different and that’s a beautiful thing. Whether you choose to be present in the now or escape reality completely, do it on your own terms and don’t let anyone else tell you how to live your life.”


Tamaira’s soulful vocals makes for a calming and soothing listening experience. His beautiful vocal harmonies make putting this track on repeat a given. Be sure you give this a spin!



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Dallas Tamaira's "Spider"
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