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Kid Astronaut’s futuristic beats and polished style will dazzle audiences

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Kid Astronaut Kid Astronaut

Denver, CO singer and songwriter Jon Shockness, aka Kid Astronaut, is the former frontman of Air Dubai. He is also best known for his work as an R&B and hip hop artist. On his website, Shockness claims he is from the future. While touring with his band, they hit a portal on their spaceship and this sent them hurtling back into an alternative past in the year 2015. Since then, the band has decided to assimilate to the past and blend into their new reality. Their identities have been kept under wraps until very recently.


With that being said, Shockness’ music feels very futuristic. On his latest release Cosmos, Shockness returns to the skies for this inter-galactic quest through the cosmos. Pivoting off space-age synths and out-of-this-world beats, the production on this album, which often feels larger-than-life, especially has its place now as people are looking towards the horizons for a more hopeful outcome. Especially in this climate with everything that is happening in the world right now, a lot of us are willing to embrace a future where the world is less fraught and chaotic. Shockness sets his sights on ensuing events while keeping his roots firmly in the present. The production on this album feels modern while also keeping the classic hip hop and R&B vibes well and alive in his music.


Cosmos takes off with “No Consequence (ft. Mayzin),” where bold and bouncy beats eases into the intro of this track. The beats and rhythms sizzles into a more energized movement. The momentum only grows as some hypnotizing rap styles flows through. Mayzin and Shockness spits out verses in a very compelling fashion. The song feels very fluid as the two rappers dive full-throttle into the music. A soulful R&B vibe greets the start of “Fall Asleep.” Shockness’ smooth vocals are a captivating listening experience. His suave vocal delivery also feels very dynamic. Shockness ups the heat factor with this sultry track. This is something great for the clubbing rotations or even for an audience of one. There is no denying the appeal this song has. The beats and grooves on “Ruby” have a touch of funk to it. Shockness’ vocals here sound very soft and tender as he sweetly sings about his lady love. This feels like another track great for the dance floors. Sparse guitar riffs sound off on “Love You Like God Does.” The beats and rhythms feel very catchy and upbeat. The inclusion of a rock-based sound with hip hop-influences make for an eclectic sound. Shockness’ soulful vocals take this song by the reins. At the center of this track is his tender vocals.


Finger-snapping greets the start of “City Lights Interlude.” This along with Shockness’ vocals make for a stark sound. The vibes are startling and fresh all at once. On “Always,” sizzling beats pave the start of this track. Next, some piano melodious courses in support of Shockness’ evocative vocal delivery. The simmering emotions on this song makes for an impassioned performance coming from the dynamic artist. Toward “Gifted,” percussive beats address the start of this track as some synths joins in. I greatly enjoyed the background vocal harmonies here. The sounds were very lush and ear-pleasing. I thought especially here the background vocals created an atmospheric vibe to this number. The album ends with the title-track “Cosmos.” Off to more ambient vibes, the song opens up with tons of mood and feeling. With an airy feel, the ethereal washes create a dream-like vibe. Shockness’ verbose rap style heightens the effects of this track. His delivery is on-point and top-notch. Every element on this song felt just right. Shockness ends this album with this ear-catching closer.


The polished and professional quality to the production on this record really goes on to highlight Shockness’ talents as a MC and R&B vocalist. Shockness shows immense ability as he agilely alternates between these roles, showing his range as an artist. He has made a tight record that shows his prowess as a shining talent to be reckoned with. This album is worth exploring from start to finish. The styles and production quality of this recording will speak to this generation as well as to those being introduced to Shockness’ music for the first time. If you enjoyed the EP, his discography is also worth exploring and getting familiarized with. This was a good start and I look forward to seeing where the artist goes next from here.




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Kid Astronaut's 'Cosmos'
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