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Sunday, 08 April 2018 18:10

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Despite the insurmountable amount of controversy surrounding XXXTentacion, his music continues to light up the charts. His latest project "?" is doing impressive numbers,  scoring the #1 Hip-Hop album two weeks in a row. 

Week 1: 131,000 Sales - 

20,000 Traditional Sales. 106,000 Streams.

Week 2: 76,302 Sales -

4,262 Traditional Album Sales. 72,040 Streams.


Most rappers these days don't attain even 70k streams on a mixtape or album release, so for X to be doing these numbers on his SECOND week is quite impressive. The thing that I think is really working for X is that he is really reaching out and resonating with his target audience. His tartget audience at the "emo" kids and rap rock and pop punk type audience.


I remember a few months ago, X passionately, yet naively stated that he was better than Tupac. Some may deem him delusional. Some may actually agree with him ( They were probably born in the 2000s lol). I know one thing , though. When he said it, whether its true or not, he believed it; and that energy moved him forward.

His reasoning for him being better than Tupac was that he was more diverse than Tupac. I personally don't think that is fair because Tupac died in his mid 20s. Who knows how Tupac would have evolved? Pac could have gotten into all kinds of different ventures had he been given the chance to continue living.


The reason I mention all of this is because it leads me into this question. Does Diversity actually = Better?


Well, after Listening through the tape, X definitely proves diverse. His mix of different genres such as emo rock and classic 90s hip-hop showcases his influences influence on his own music in the best of ways. When it comes to the question of does diversity equal better? If not better, at least impressive. 


I think that the "SoundCloud Rapper" Label that many in the community used to assign to X is now being revoked. He's earned the respek on his name. He has been trying to get his act together, he's been doing numbers, and staying postive. Hopefully the rising superstar can stay out of trouble and just focus on the music and good vibes.


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- Max Ataraxis

Wednesday, 04 April 2018 20:45

Max Ataraxis

Monday, 02 April 2018 19:31

Ready Player One [Movie Review]

STEVEN SPIELBERG. It is amazing that for 40+ years, this man has been dropping hit movie after hit movie! I feel like the 80s was a time when Spielberg was really thriving and this "READY PLAYER ONE" movie has all the vibes and energy of a 1980s adventure movie.

First things first, the visuals and special FX were amazing. Special effects is something that shouldnt really be too much of a surprise in this day of age, but somehow, Spielberg STILL seems to impress. Some of the scenes and shots were so visually captivating, that I literally had to stand up outta my seat lol


Specifically, the big car race scene that can be seen in the trailer. THAT scene was AMAZING.


Another strongpoint of the movie was all of the different pop culture characters. It was so fun throughout the movie to try and find them all! I won't give away too many spoilers, but definitely look forward to that. They had characters in this movie that I didnt even know were allowed due to contracts and behind the scenes type stuff.


They didn't have any household name superstars in this movie, which normaly I would be in support of, but for me, it hurt the movie. Literally, none of the characters were too charismastic and the lead was dry and bland to me. Another hiccup for me personally was how they handled the "Diversity" in the movie. There were people of color in the movie but they were all misfit sidekicks who acted stereotypically black and asian. I only give them a pass because it was a 80s themed movie and thats how it was in the 80s.


The actual story of the movie was pretty simple for the most part, but the movie plays out well. It plays out like a video game and thats what makes this movie so cool. It's like your watching a video game without actually playing it, but its okay though because your just enjoying the ride!


This movie felt like a summer blockbuster, so its interesting to see that it was released in March. Overall, Id give the movie a 3.5/5 . Though the nostalgia and cinematography were amazing, the lack of charismatic leads and simplistic plot are what prevented this movie from reaching the 4.0 territory. That being said, if your into geek culture or pop culutre nostalgia at all, then this movie is a MUST.


Thanks for tuning in, until next time, peace and much love!

Lil Yatchy drops off his highly anticipated mixtape “Lil Boat II” , and I say highly anticipated for two reasons.


  1. “Lil Boat” is Yatchy’s debut and most popular mixtape to date. This mixtape contains the smash hit single “1 Night”, and is credited to being the reason that people fell in love with Yatchy in the first place.

  2. His Debut album (which he dropped off last year) was a flop critically and financially. Yatchy even admitted verbally that it hit him right in his stomach and the L did get to him. So,that means his next project coming up should be to shut “All the haters” up.

For a lot of fans, Yatchy hasn’t been up to par with the quality of his music lately, and a sequel to this mixtape serves as hope that Lil boat returns to form.


After taking time to digest the project, the ultimate consensus is that Yatchy has improved upon his debut album, and he also does sound very much hungry, BUT he  still falls short in quality compared to his peers. That being said, the return to form is the most noticeable difference from his album. There is a good balance of bangers and ballads and the energy is youthful. That’s the reason I believe Yatchy’s career is flourishing the way it is: Because of his BRAND moreso than his music. Lil Yatchy is more than music. He’s created a brand, that’s a lifestyle. He calls himself the leader of the teens and it’s an accurate moniker. His brand consist of him just wanting to stay positive, have fun, and embrace being himself. A lot of people “go in “ on him, call him lame, say he can’t rap, etc…. However, I don’t think you can hate on a kid too much just tryna’ spread positive vibes and energy. He not out here feeding these kids poison like many people like to assume. Yatchy doesnt do or talk about doing crazy drugs. He may be profane with his lyrics and descriptions of his lifestyle, especially his interactions with women, but he actually isn’t too bad of a role model for the teens.


The thing that I can bring it down to is that, like the God Father of Internet Rap, “LIL B”, Lil Yatchy is “Based”. “Based” is all about being yourself and not caring about what people think. People can hate on Yatchy’s music as much as they want, not going to stop the fact that hes selling out shows all across the world. I have to say that his live shows look pretty lit too!

 All in all, there isnt too much deep to assess with "Lil Boat II". It's a yatchy tape where for what its worth, Yatchy does what he does best. Make fun and turnt up music for the youth. At 25 years old, though it may not always be my cup of tea, I do get it. I do get it.


Thanks for your time as always, peace and much love to all!


Lil Yatchy Online

-Max Ataraxis

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