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I don't normally get excited to watch the Oscars. It always seemed like something that was for older white men, because that's who dominated throughout the many years that it has been a thing. Starting way back in 1929, Black people and women have always been delegated to the back burner from the start. The first black person to win an Oscar was in 1940. A woman by the name of Hattie McDaniel won for her supporting role as Mammy in the iconic movie, "Gone with the wind". 


Since then, people of color (Not just black people) and woman have always had to fight for respect to some degree. There were a lot of black and women nominees this year, though! I want to specifically focus on race with this post.


Jada Pinkett Smith shook up the industry back in 2016 when She fronted a movement with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. She posted a video detailing about the lack of diversity in the industry in general, but specifically, within the Oscar ceromonies.  A lot of people DID NOT EF WITH HER because of that. It even looked like Jada would be blacklisted from the industry after speaking out the way she did. The lack of support from other black celebrities was despicable to me! I was like dang Jada out here putting her career on the line FOR THE CULTURE and like hardly NOBODY is backing her besides known black rights advocates such as Spike Lee. That didn't sit right with me at all and thats why Ive always had the utmost respect for the Smith Family.


Fast forward to the oscars 2017 and there were 7 minority actors who were nominated. 6 Black: Denzel Washington (Fences), Viola Davis (Fences), Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), Naomie Harris (MoonLight), Ruth Negga (Loving), Mahershala Ali (MoonLight)

And one Indian (Dev Patel: "Lion"). Was this a result of Jada Pinkett's boycott or the fact they these movies really did deserve the accolades?


I honestly believe it to be combination of both.


The oscars released their nomination list for the upcoming 2018 awards ceremony and it is another year of diversity!


Mexican film maker, Guillermo Del Toro, is leading with a whopping 13 nominations for his masterpiece , "The Shape Of Water".  Jordan Peele's Social economic horror thriller is pulling in 4 nominations: 1. Best Picture

2. Best Screenplay

3. Best Director

4. & best actor for Daniel Kaluya, the star actor of the film.


I read the screenplay for "GET OUT" myself, and I must say, its brilliant! Personally, I want him to definitely win for Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

If Peele wins for Best Picture, he will be the first black director to ever do so.


Denzel Washington picked up another nomination for his "Roman J Israel" portrayal. 

Mary J Blige (Mudbound) and Octavia Spencer (The shape of water) picked up nominations for the best supporting actresses category.


Mary actually made history this year too! Not only is she the first person to EVER be nominated in the actress category and music category simulatenously, but the first ocscar nominees for a netflix original movie! Go head Mary, you better get it ! 

Dee Rees, one of the black writers for "MudBound", is up for best adapted screenplay and Kumail Nanjiani is an asian american writer who is nominated for "The Big Sick" in the same realm.


Some other mentions from the latino community are Carlos Sadanha, director of best animated feature "Ferdinand"; Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez were nominated for writers of the original song "Remember Me" from the disney film "CoCo" (Somehow white people directed & wrote a movie revolving around Mexican culture) lol


But yes, As I said before, I normally dont watch the oscars but this year, I definitely will be tuning in! Jordan Peele is literally about to be one of my favorite directors, and I hope that he wins at least the screenplay award, but best picture would be epic! 


This year will be the 90th year of the ceremony, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and you can catch it on March 4 via ABC!

 Thanks for your ear as always!

-Max Ataraxis


Sup Guys!


So Ive mentioned in my previous post about how much of a fan I am of Lil Wayne. So I HAVE got to talk about his newest mixtape, Dedication 6, that was released a few weeks ago.


Mannnnn, my boy Weezy sound hungry again!! NOW THIS YOUNG BLOODS IS WHAT YOU CALL A OG. I've always been a advocate of Wayne,hardcore. Lil Wayne from about 06-11 had one of the greatest HipHop runs of dominance in HipHop history. These are facts. People these days be trying Play Wayne like he's washed up and this and that and the third. I've BEEN saying , nah Bruh Wayne still dope. It's all his label BS holding him back. Kids these days don't even know how great Wayne was in his prime , but Bruv never lost his skill. Never been washed up. Wayne isn't even in my personal top 5 rappers list, But I still respect and recognize him as the greatest rapper from the Millenial generation. Think about this; if hypothetically speaking Wayne was shot dead right after The Carter 3 dropped, then we without a doubt in my mind would have immortalized this man. We woulda been making sure that when you mention Tupac and Biggie, Wayne's name is ALWAYS Mentioned too and those 3 names would have been synonymous . Biggie, Tupac, and Wayne.


That didn't happen, thank God. The point I'm tryna make is that once he hit the label problems , it's like all he achieved didn't even matter anymore in the public eye . All the public perception of him was that he sucks now, he's washed up, etc etc....


Well now after giving his project a thorough listen for a few weeks, I have to say, BRUH!!!! Though Wayne never left, my guy Wayne is BACK!! I believe THIS is the project that will be the turning tide for his career. I believe Lil Wayne is about to reinvent himself once again and a new flourish of greatness will be bestowed upon his career! People are about to start puttin some Respek' on his name ! D6 has a Wayne that's duckin in and out of metaphors, wordplay, &sauce. Wayne over here spitting bars that will make u scrunch up your face, put your fist to your mouth, and say D*MN !!!! lol Bruh, this mans is so clever yo. He sound like the 06 mixtape Wayne on modern beats , Bruh ! It's crazy. The best rapper alive is back to remind y'all , true talent never subsides on some space jam type ish. Some might think he finally touched the ball and got his powers(skills) back.I knew big homie never lost em.


Yes, that was a space jam reference lol


So, after dropping off "Dedication 6" around christmas time, he is preparing to release a new version with more songs, entitled, "D6: Reloaded".


Earlier this year, He dropped off a remix to the popular JAY-Z song, "Family Feud", featuring Drake. The song is reminiscent to how Wayne and Drake used to trade bars almost as long as 10 years ago! 

No Hook, straight bars. Yesterday, Wayne dropped off a second offering from the reloaded mixtape and again we have Wayne straight going IN with the bars. 


The song is called "Big Bad Wolf" and it sees Wayne rapping for 4 straight minutes over Blac Youngsta's "Hip Hopper. Something I found interesting about the song was that one of the criticisms Wayne gets is he raps about drugs and drug use too much. I listened to the song and I litterally could only catch one line referencing drugs. The rest was just straight bragadocio bars but they were clever and entertaining. I'm hoping that when The Carter V drops, we can hear some more meaningful music and genuine music detailing what has been going on in his life since the label issues came about.


For now though, I am MORE than Happy to hear the mixtape version of Wayne doing what Wayne does best...and that is RAP.


Definitely looking forward to the reloaded tape and whatever else this new revamped HUNGRY Wayne has to offer!


-Max Ataraxis




Just wanted to let yall know that Wayne just dropped off ANOTHER record from D6:Reloaded featuring Juelz Santana and its another song of straight barz! Im telling ya'll Wayne is HUNGRY again! sounding like the early 2000s mixtape weezy 100 percent and even linking up with his old patna!

Wayne was tired of yall playing with his name and calling him wack, I swear! 

2018 finna be his year ! 

I'm not going to lie. For a little bit ya'll, I was stuck in my ways. I was literally stuck in the years between like 2006 & 2011. I was in high school and then my first two years of college then. Around that time period is when I REALLY 

1. Got heavily into being a music junkie. I used to LOVE artist like Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, (06-10) and then Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake (09-11). There are a lot of other artist I liked a lot, but they were my favorites.

2. Then around 2010/2011, I started getting into making music myself and the time period that I did so is super important to my art.


For a long while after that, I was simply stuck in that era. 2013 was one my FAVORITE years for music but 2012 and all the other years? WACK


I cant stand all this mumble rap mumbo jumble ish! With the exception of artist like kendrick and chance the rapper for example, I just couldnt get jiggy with this new wave being ushered into the 2010s. (I have no idea what to call the teens lol I guess thats right ha)


They all sucked! at least in my opinion lol


I prejudged a lot of these artist and decided that because they didnt sound like kanye or cudi, that they were wack. I didnt even have to listen to the music, I heard a couple of snippets , and then was like nah ef this. These new N!gg@$ are lame. TRASH TRASH TRASH.


Then something happened around the beginning of 2017. I realized, I was being a hater. lol


and while yes, many of these new school rap cats ARE TRASH lol Not ALL of them are. Some actually have some really dope music.


Ive already spoken on how I like people like Trippie Redd. I'm also a fan of Lil Yatchy. I HATE a lot of his songs, but I also LOVE a lot of his songs lol


Lil uzi vert is cool, Migos, XXXtentacion, etc.


Kodak Black is another new school cat who I really really like. He has such a distinct voice and vividly paints pictures of being a hood cat basically. I WANT to see him win. His lyrics have substance and he's not a dumb dude, intellectually. 


That being said, my mans STAY making bad decisions. 


Kodak Black IS the poster boy right now for when a rapper is simply too hood for their own good.


In the past 2-3 years, Kodak Black has been arrested and caught charges on things ranging from sexual misconduct, Gun charges, and marijuanna possession. Every time, the judges would give him a break, and he seemed to STILL never learn his lesson.


Kodak Black has been on house arrest for the majority  of 2017 and was looking to make it out at some point in 2018.


But then he got arressted AGAIN. From His House!!!!


This is a case like on Friday when Craig got fired on his day off lol


Like Bruh, Kodak!!! How you get arrested while on house arrest , my G ?!?!

Imma tell yall how. 


My mans Kodak Black was posting instagram live videos, while having his boys toting guns and rolling weed in the background, in front of his SON at that!

BRO! c'mon now. You gotta do better! He HAD to know that the feds would be keeping tabs on him. They dont wanna see him, win.


He even states in one of his most popular songs, "Tunnel Vision"

"Lil Kodak, they dont wanna see you winning, They wanna see you in a penitentiary"


That makes me aware to the fact that he knew! So what was his excuse for this ill behavior? There is none , other than the fact that Kodak Black is just too hood for his own good.


So for everyone out there with the hashtag #FREEKODAK, I cant support that notion. Kodak Black may need to do some time in the pen because all the breaks hes been getting before have not phased him.


He's also young. At 20 years old, hes being a kid. Thats what he is. A kid still. 
But when you out here trying to live like you grown, then you gotta face the consequences.

I look at people like Gucci Mane who went to jail and came out a new man. Gucci not bout that hood life anymore. He has a wife now, he cares about his brand and business. You can be a street dude without being a hood dude.


The difference is hood dudes commit crimes, whereas street dudes have that connection to the urban world, but no crimes are being committed. A street dude has honor and grinds and works hard and hustles but his hustles are legal. Street dudes move smart! so if they are involved in some criminal activity, their not going to be blasting it on instagram live. 


I really dont want Kodak to go to jail for a extended period of time, but it is NOT looking good for him right now. It just may be the wake up call he needs.

When the police raided his house, they got him for 2 weapons , marijuanna possesion, and child endangerment charges.


Hes looking to face at least a couple years in Jail.


I look at somebody like Meek Mill who is in jail right now and I really DO think there should be a free meek campaign. Meek Mill is in jail for popping a wheelie and breaking up a fight.

Yes, he broke his probation, but he was on probation for something he did upwards of 10 years ago! thats rediculous. Meek had been trying to turn a new leaf over in life and be a mature law abiding citizen, and they really got him on some petty stuff.


Kodak though? I do believe that whatever sentence he gets, he definitely has it coming to him.

Lil bro HAS got to move smarter. We shall see how this plays out. Hes rich and has a good lawyer probably, so lets see if his lawyer can finagle his way outta this one. We shall see, we shall see.


Thanks for your time as always ! 

-Max Ataraxis






So, today, I want to talk about and really analyze why the highly anticipated movie that is next up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being regarded as the first black super hero movie.


First, I have to aknowledge all of the other black super heroes who were poppin, especially in the 90s. I am in no way, shape, or form discrediting the fact that black super heroes have existed before. Many are delegated to side acts to the white man ,though tbh. (War Machine and falcon in the MCU)


Before I talk about the big dog, I gotta give honorable mentions to Damon Wayan's Blank Man. Dude! BLANK MAN was the Original "KickA$$" if your familiar with that movie/comic series lol Blank Man is my movie!!


That being said, though, Blank Man wasnt based on a real comic book and was an orginial idea which is cool but doesnt fit the criteria. Also, Blank Man almost came off as a parody and not a super hero movie meant to be taken as a legit super hero movie.


Then you have Shaquile O Neal's "STEEL". That was indeed a super hero movie. That being said, ummmm....lets just say "STEEL" wasnt very memorable or good and another case of this almost seems like a parody as opposed to a legit super hero movie. I loved that movie when I was a kid though, I cant lie lol


Michael Jai White's "SPAWN" is another case of a black hero but in this case, he was more of a anti-hero rather than your traditional hero. It was more serious in tone and nature than the aforementioned, though.


Finally, Will Smith's Hancock was a black super hero but critically the movie didnt do that well and it wasnt your traditional super hero story. I personally LOVED Hancock, but I wouldnt really say it was a black super hero movie. Anybody could have played that role, regardless of race. 


So now to the big dog! Wesley Snipe's "Blade" was the game changer that not only MARVEL but the super hero and comic book industry needed desperately.
The 90s were not a good time for super hero movies. The genre had found mild success with movies like the original Superman and Batman Movies prior to the 90s.....But after the bomb that was BATMAN & ROBIN hit theatres, it was NOT looking good for the genre.


Then here comes the critical and box office hit, "Blade" (1998), and things began to shift for the better. This movie was the first movie to really bring the super hero genre into being the powerhouse that it is today. Blade, followed by the first "X-Men" (2000) and "Spiderman" (2002) movies respectively.


This is what makes the fact that "Black Panther" is about to be the cultural phenomenom that it is, so ironic. Even though it is Hollywoods first Legit "Black" super hero movie, the new age comic book movie culture that it is founded in was jump started by one black lead.


So, you might be asking...Max. You just mentioned a buncha black super heroes. So how can "Black Panther" be the first black super hero movie? 


Well let me break it down for you my brothas & sistas!


The biggest reason this movie will be the first "Black" super hero movie is because for the first time EVER, we have a super hero movie with a majority black cast. This is the game changer. Never has there been a super hero movie that not only has a majority black cast but is also so heavily revolved around black culture and showing black people in a postive light. The fictional african nation of Wakanda is supposed to be the most technologically advanced nation on the planet Earth. This nation holds some of the brightest and smartest people (Doctors, scientist, chemist, etc) that the earth has to offer. On top of that, Wakanda is the only nation to hold "Vibranium".This is a precious metal that is SUPER expensive and valuable. It's the unbreakable metal that makes up Captain America's shield for example and the main source of the nations wealth.


Next, it will be considered the first black supero movie because of its originality in a way that only black people can bring to the table. You can tell from just the trailers that there has NEVER been a movie like this one before. It has a specific energy, tone, coloring, cinematography, and story that is all next level. 


I have high hopes for this film and I believe  that The director "Ryan Coogler" is going to definitely have his third hit on his hands after the critically aclaimed pictures , "Fruitvale Station" and "CREED".


Before I end this article , I just want to also give a shout out to how amazing the Dora Milaje Look! If your not familiar, the Dora Milaje are group of all female african warriors who are trained and highly skilled for the purpose of protecting the king of Wakanda.


They LOOK AMAZING in the trailers and its so lovely to see a group of Strong Black Women being represented in a industry where they simply do not get enough credit for all that they contribute to the world. 

Black women are hands down the most swagger jacked groups on the planet earth. Imma have to write a whole notha article about that! But yes, I am so happy to see my sisters shine, man. They 100 percent deserve it.


I will be at the Black Panther premier that thursday night! I cannot wait! imma be there in my dashiki and everything, on God! hahaha



Thanks for your time and hope everyone has a good day! Get ready ya'll. We gotta support this one for the culture!


- Max Ataraxis





I vividly remember the first time I heard Cardi B. I was in the car with my mom and we were driving to New York this past summer for a family reunion. I had never heard of Cardi B before this moment. I think I MIGHT have been aware of her but I really dont be paying attention to all that Love & Hip Hop, Basketball wives, etc etc type reality Tv Shows.


The song that was playing was "Bodak Yellow" and My mom immediately went "yo, WHO IS THIS?!?!" and I was like man I don't know but this is flames! 
And I did recognize she had the flow from Kodak Black's "No Flockin". 

So, I Immediately looked up the lyrics in google and I found her. I was like man I don't know this chick, but shes DOPE! 

I had NO IDEA that "Bodak Yellow" was going to be as big a record as it was. 


Fast forward to 2018 and she has  5 songs on the billboard charts, Including her song with hispanic artist Ozuna. She is hands down the most successful newcomer to the game. And with all this new found fame and clout, of course, comes the haters.


I always make references to me being a rapper myself, But, I do this as a means to showcase that I do have experience with this. I studied the craft and have been doing it since I was 18 years old (Im 25 now). So, that being said, dude CARDI B CAN RAP. I listened to her "Gangsta Bitch Volume 1 & 2". Though there are a lot of "Fluff" songs, the songs that stand out, STAND OUT. And I think shes a much better rapper now, too. Everyone normally gets better with time. I have a lot of faith in her Debut Major Studio Album.


So this being said, People only hear what they want to hear and digest her from a surface level kind of mentality. Im going to use Wiz Khalifa as a good reference point.

On the surface Wiz Khalifa just seems like a basic stoner rapper who doesnt really talk about nothing of substance.


Thats not the case though. If you thourougly listen to Wiz Khalifa's music, on top of turning up and weed, etc, you'll hear amazing flow and wordplay coupled with themes of working hard, staying focused, being postive, grinding towards your dreams, brotherhood, and more. Wiz Khalifa is way more intelligent than people give him credit for. 

"See You Again" was a SMASH record and he didnt mention weed not once.


So now, back to Cardi. A lot of people, especially woman, Ive noticed judge Cardi. They call her a thot and says she just makes music for Ho's etc.....I just be over here like bruh , yall gotta stop hating! lol


Just like Wiz, I noticed that Cardi has a unique distinct flow coupled with exceptional wordplay, vocabulary, and themes of working hard, staying focused, flexin on the people who doubted her, and being a strong woman. 


Lines like the ones below prove to me that SHE IS NOT BASIC. Seriously, how can you hate on someone just talking about working hard and proving people wrong who doubt her? You should be inspired.


"Promise You I didnt luck up, was grinding all night, didnt sleep till the sun up"

"Look at me, Look at me, They didnt like me before, now they booking me". THATS A DOPE LINE!



She is an inspiration to all girls out there. SHE IS WHAT TRUE FEMINISM IS ABOUT. Being strong minded and not giving a fuck about what a Man or anyone has to say about how she lives her life.

The other day i was talking with one of my lady friends, and she was talking shit about cardi being on the song with Bruno Mars. She was like "IDK, i mean it just dont sound right. Like it wasnt bad. It sounded good but it dont sound like nothing she should be doing"


so I proceeded to ask why? and she responds, "IDK, I mean she a thot. She should just make thot music. Its too soon for her to be doing different stuff".


so then I was all like, dude SHES A RAPPER. 1) Why put her in a box like that? and 2) If she dont branch out and start doing different shit now, then why later? why wait? 

If shes capable, then she should make any kind of music she wants, long as its good.

and thats what Ive noticed is that all of the people hating on her, are only listening with what I like to call "The Hater's Ear". They just dont like who she is from the jump, so no matter what she does, their gonna view it with their "Hater's ear" lol


Another one of Cardi's lines is 

" Some people think I'm just a dumb bitch/ But if that was true I prolly wouldn't have shit"

This line is nothing but facts!

I swear Cardi is way more intelligent than people give her credit for. This was all speculation to me too,but I watched a couple of her DJ VLAD interviews and thats when I was convinced. Her personality is genuine and sincere and she is that goofy ratchet girl from the Bronx. Thats Who she is.


That being said though, shes also highly woke and intelligent. Thats what I learned in that interview.


and trust me, I feel like Im one of the kings of being a street nigga with intellect lol 


Thats exactly what cardi B is. A Street Bitch with Intellect.


She still shining though, so regardless of all the haters, I think Cardi is going to be A OK.


Im really looking forward to her Debut Album. I hope she doesnt make me eat my words lol 
Im praying for her constantly. I really do like Cardi B and I want to see her Win!



Thanks for your time as always !

Peave, love, and Light to you all :)

-Max Ataraxis 


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