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Sunday, 18 February 2018 01:02

Hannah Rae Beale: Artist profile[ NEW MUSIC]

Hannah Rae Beale is multi-talented vocalist and instrumentalist hailing from Frankfort, Michigan! I recently got put on to her music and I am so happy to have done so, because she truly is a powerhouse of talent!


She just recently released visuals for her song "MONSTER" and they are phenomenal! It is high standard quality! The acting was great between her and the guy playing her EX.  The cinematography of the video was beautiful and her outfits/style is on point.


She's calling it "The Anthem For Heartless Exes" and I can definitely hear that in the song!

Lyrics like "I F&$kIng Loved you but you never loved me" is something that a lot of people can relate to. This is one of those songs you leave on repeat for a good 2 -3 hours when you're in your feelings like that lol The production is beautiful and she flawlessly sings and meshes her vocals with the airy pop production of the beat.


Definitely be sure to stay tuned to see what else she has in store by giving her facebook music page a follow below!


Facebook Music Page


Peace and Much Love

-Max Ataraxis

Sunday, 18 February 2018 00:10

Black Panther [Movie Review]

I had the good fortune to watch the "Black Panther" movie for the late night thursday premier at the LA Regal theatre in DownTown L.A by the Staples Center!  It's All-Star weekend so I was hoping I might have seen a celebrity or two! Unfortunately, nope :/ lol


Its all good though, because it was so awesome to see so many people come out wearing their african attire! I saw all the dedication that the trekkies/star wars/etc  fans have when they cosplay their favorite fictional universes! People were walking around looking like African Royalty!


Let me tell ya'll WAKANDA FOREVER!!!

That movie was phenomenal! I didn't even know where to start, so I Figured Id start at its roots. The Marvel Aspect of the film.


What I think was one of the strongest traits of the movie was how unrelated to the MCU the movie really was.  You watch any other Marvel movie and there are easter eggs galore and I normally actually LOVE that about the Marvel Universe. But, for Black Panther? It was nice to see that they solely focused on the story of Wakanda instead of Easter Eggs. It didnt feel like they were world building up into the next thing (Even though they did that naturally actually).


People who dont know a dag on thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe can watch this movie and it feels like something of its own.


I wont do any spoilers for this review but I will say the basic premise sets the tone for a dope political thriller mixed in with a lot of scifi action. The political aspect comes down to whether or not the Wakandans should feel guility for not helping out the rest of the world with their vibranium resoruces, specifically, Black People. Vibranium is a precious metal that landed in Wakanda centuries ago that has extreme value for its worth and durability. Wakanda as you can see in the trailers is the richest and most technologically advanced country in the world and they have been hiding in plain sight for centuries in order to hide their secret. ( Again this is common comic book knowledge in the trailers, no spoilers lol)


These are the standout characters in this order for me personally.


1) Michael B Jordan's Erik Killmonger was phenomenal! People are saying that there hasnt been a villain portrayal THIS good since Heath Ledgers Joker. Besides Loki, there hasnt been a villain with this much dexterity and layers to him in the MCU. Throughout the film, you watch this movie, and you know what hes doing is bad, right? BUT you 100% GET HIM and not only GET HIM but sympathize with him. THATS the making of a great character.


2) Next up, I gotta give it to Black Panther's little sister, Princess Shuri played by Letitia Wright. Shuri was amazing! OMG. She was funny , charismatic, smart, and resillient! I wont give away too much detail but Shuri is the one making all the techonology for her big bro, and their brother-sister relationship is soooo cute foreal lol Youll be like awwww look at them working together! lol


Shes actually the smartest person in the world! Litterally. Shes supposed to be smarter than both Iron Man and Bruce Banner! A 16 year old princess. Go head, BLACK WOMEN FOR THE WIN!


Speaking of Black Women! That leads me into my next standout character.


3) The Walking Dead's, Danai Guirira as Okoye!

The Dora Milaje is the All Female warrior unit dedicated to protecting Wakanda and it's King. I dont have much to say because I dont want to  give too much away, but let me tell you, her and her squad are super bada$$ !


Chadwick Boseman impressed me with his acting chops with this. His character was so dominant and strong-minded in his debut role in "Captain America: Civil War".  I figured I was going to see him just kicking butt and doing Boss stuff the whole movie lol


but that was NOT the case. He was very vulnerable and unsure of himself throughout the entire movie.  No spoilers but will say he wasnt just kicking everyones but easily the whole movie and my mans had to struggle.


It was really dope how they portrayed a man who just got catapulted into this KING position  suddenly, when he feels he isnt ready. Then his fight to deal with how he should run this kingdom.


All in All, I was worried that this movie wasnt going to live up to all the hype. I was thinking like man, if this movie fails, then the black community is going to take a hit for talking all that ish with nothing to back it up lol


I'm happy to let yall know that, It DOES live up to the hype! It really does and if you hav'nt seen it yet, then you need to make moves to do that right now!

Peace, Love, and Light to all, WAKANDA FOREVER! :)


-Max Ataraxis


WAKANDA FOREVER! will be the iconic phrase ringing in the heads of many for decades to come! Wow this movie was so iconic. Thats the word that repeatedly rings in my head in reference to this flick. ICONIC.


For the most part, this film has been receiving nothing but praise, for its imagery, cast, and positive portrayal of black people.


There are those certain people who are like "I dont get the hype"?  "Its not THAT good", Ill wait till it comes on firestick, etc, etc. and I feel like there are certain people who like to hate on something prospering, just cause in their head, its cool to adhere from the norm.


I do understand that the media is kinda overdosing on the exposure/hype machine. That being said though, the movie IS a big deal! It's a big deal because art is so impactful and I know the hype surrounding it feels like it's OD cause I feel you there but even if you mad at the hype, you have to recognize the reality of it.


And the reality of it is, Movies like "Straight Outta Compton",  "GET OUT", and "Black Panther"  are all going to be beyond iconic in terms of impact, message, and artistry!


About 100 years ago, the Harlem renaissance took place and there was an outburst of black American art, music, poetry, ideologies, and more. These Three movies are the catalyst for the new black renaissance. That's the significance of this movie. It's literally history in the making! Especially with the political stance that the movie took.

100 years from now when we look back on pop culture, this movie will be heralded.


Hashtag #FACTS!


Thanks for yalls time as usual and Ill have a actual MOVIE review coming for yall very soon

Friday, 16 February 2018 17:15

Farma Wes: Artist Profile

I first got hip to Farma Wes by my boy Wrighteous aka Tyler Wright. It was the song Feng Shui that put me on and I loved it. Had a melodic dope chorus that sampled a old school song and definitely got stuck in your head. The verses were hard too!

The visuals were amazing. I loved all of the anime style graffiti and murals that were present in the video. It really felt personal and like you were getting to really know what his interest and vibrations are.


That was way back in 2013. Fast forward to 2018, and my mans is still grinding! Hes released a whole arsenal of dope songs and visuals to go with the songs. If you take a look at his instagram, you can keep up with everything he has going on.


He's been performing all up and down the East coast in cities like New York and D.C, and in addition to continuing to release new music, he would like to start focusing on a career in film, as well.


Go ahead and take a look at the links below for all that fire !


Farma Wes:


Tyler Wrighteous:

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:42

Logic: The Cultural Impact of "1-800-273-8255"

Logic is a guy that Ive been a fan of for awhile ever since my ODU days back in 2011/2012, when his career really started taking off. I remember specifically, it was the song "Mind of Logic" that really put me on to him. In the music video for the song, he walks around New York City while rapping the lyrics to the song. The cinematography for the music video was stunning. On top of that, he had a young woman by the name of Camille Michelle Gray, Sing a rendition of the popular Kid Cudi song "Mr. Rager", for the hook. It immediately bought me in and I then began to search all of his music that was released at the time.


From that point on to now, it is wonderful to have seen Logic's fan base grow the way it did. With each release of mixtapes and albums, he gained more and more traction. Its really dope to be able to watch a artist grow from just a local DMV artist to being the internationally known super star that he is today.


His latest album, Everybody, was a album that tackled a lot of political and social justice type idealogies: Racism, Poverty, anxiety, and depression. All things that real life people deal with on a daily basis. I believe that is what made this album so succesful was its reach to so many demographics.


In a era where artist such as Lil Pump, for example, can have a hit record repeating the same meaningless words over and over? Its easy for a rapper these days to just take the easy way out and aim for the big bucks with minimal amount of effort. Not Logic, though. He dares to be different and I think thats what his fan base loves most about him. Its why he has such a devout fan base. 

The grammys this past week ended with a performance from Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid, and it was probably the most powerful performance of the night, along with Kesha's PRAY performance. 


This song was phenomenal for the culture. I wont lie, I didnt know what that number was until I went on rap genius to have it deciphered. I know I'm not the only one who was unaware. This song educated so many people to the point that even if you dont need the number yourself, perse, I guarantee you, theres someone you know; someone you hold near and dear to your heart, who DOES need it.


According to the national suicide hotline statistics, calls to the hotline went up 27 percent, the day the song dropped. The trend continued and he traveled the world spreading the postive message of this tune. This song is LITERALLY saving lives.


I love the fact that Logic recognizes this song as the most important song that he has ever written. With all this newfound SUPERSTARDOM (Cause he was a star before but after that performance?!? hes a solidified SUPERstar) I cant wait to see all the good things he brings to the rap game and the world. 


Thanks for your ear as always! 


- Max Ataraxis

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