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Song Album Artist
Cece Hard Beat with no Sample (Hiphop, Rap) 2021 Marcel Carter
Jingle for a Law Firm (corny) Jingles Marcel Carter
Ruben Young Remix by Alex Jackson 2021 Marcel Carter
Yum Yum by Sampled blend of Justin Bieber, Morgan Page and others (Sample, Mix, remix) 2021 Marcel Carter
Sick of this by Karate Kactus Ft. Kanye West produced by Marcel Carter (Sample, remix, Mix) 2021 Marcel Carter
Hooligan Simple (Hiphop, Rap, Freestyle, Grimey, flow) 2021 Marcel Carter
Out Da Hood by JL Feat. Nef The Pharaoh remix blend by Marcel Carter (mix, sample) 2021 Marcel Carter
Hard Rap Beat Banger (Instrumental from a remix) 2021 Marcel Carter
Maroon 5, Post Malone, & 2 Chainz Remix (sample, Hiphop, blends, original beat) 2022 Marcel Carter
Maroon 5 and 2 Chainz verse Remix (sample, Hiphop, blends, original beat) 2022 Marcel Carter
For the Big One (with Sample, Adele, Hiphop) 2021 Marcel Carter
Here Right Now by Willow Smith Sample 2022 Marcel Carter
Tropical, Pop, R&B, RnB, Hiphop, Dance 2022 Marcel Carter
Waste Time (Vocal snippets from Looperman) Concept Concept Vol 1 Marcel Carter
Dance & tropical (With Metronome) Bubbly Hiphop 2022 Marcel Carter
Slow Burn & Tropical (Thought-provoking, Film, Cinema, Scene, thinking) 2021 Marcel Carter
Have No Idea (Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Retro, Old School, Chill, Melody, Fun, Upbeat, 70s) 2021 Marcel Carter
Chill Good (RnB, Chill, Simple, 2021 Marcel Carter
Beat Horns 155 (Freestyle, Rap, Hip hop, dope beat, Fire, Original beat, smooth) 2021 Marcel Carter
Maroon 5, Post Malone, Future Mix with Original Beat / Original Mix (Sample, Hip hop, mix, heavy base) 2021 Marcel Carter