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Pandora, the online music streaming platform is great for music discovery and promotion, whether for advertisers, or independent musicians (and even comedians). However as good as that may sound for the independent artist, Pandora actually restricts its platform for users outside of the US due to, according to Slashdot, licensing issues. Nonetheless, according to Triphackr, there are ways to experience that platform if this affects you.  

Strategy 1:

For the independent artist who lives outside of the U.S interested in submitting their music to Pandora, work with someone who does live in the U.S or check out this link  from Pandora.

This strategy, working with a team within the U.S, Diversal, worked for versatile Venezuelan singer, Jonah Ramirez.  We were able to get him on Pandora and now can be found by either typing in his name or his single titled 'Vida'. Here is Jonah Ramirez's Pandora Station.

Strategy 2:

For the individual inside the U.S, follow these steps. After submission, you'll get an email letting you know about the next steps.   You may get another email several weeks to a few months after that letting you know where they are in the process, however the email letting you know that the station has been created and now searchable takes about 5 - 6 months.  Long wait time, but worth it! It may have took longer because the artist was located out of the U.S.  

CdBaby put out a great article to follow to get on Pandora.  

WikiHow also has a great article on the process that has images also to follow.  

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