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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 00:00

Kreg Franco

-Kreg Franco explores a world a realism to convey an emotional connection in his pieces.

Franco (b.1996) is a visual learner, enriching his knowledge through his observations. Drawing from comic books as a child, he continues to pursue his passion for creating as a teenager. He is a graduate of the High School of Art & Design and is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. In his education, Franco is New York City-based artist that is building momentum in Illustration. Outside of his education, he has been on exhibition in several galleries across NYC, from Chelsea to Midtown to the Bronx. As an 18-year-old artist, he is aiming high for his future, and is surrounding himself with fellow artists who share his passion.

Franco delights in drawing from the figure, and finds that direct observation is the key foundation for growing in his field. He enjoys practicing his skills through creating pieces of celebrities and recognizable figures, as it enables him to have a connection to powerful social figures that audiences can relate to. His original work aspires to captivate viewers through portraiture. His subjects explore surreal qualities while maintaining a naturalistic approach. He is constantly observing and learning from his inspirations and striving to apply new artistic translations. His goal is to have viewers recognize the soul in his portraits. He strives to translate such an intangible force through the simple 2-dimensional picture plane.  (Source: http://www.kregfranco.com/kf

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Sunday, 04 May 2014 00:00



His vivid imagery takes us into the depths of our deepest desires with a little bit of spice and color, highlighting seduction from a voluptuous aesthetic combining realism and fiction; see for yourself.
Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y of Puerto Rican decent. BFA degree from Fashion Institute of Technolgy. Worked in the Fashion field for several years. Currently active in the art world with a focus on erotica and fantasy (Elstabo's blog). 
Take a look at his 'Oral Fixation' series. It will change the way you look at ice cream.  
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