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Enter the otherworldly and surreal world of Flostate with their debut single "Time"

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Flostate Flostate

Artistically, Flostate is the type of duo that doesn’t like to rush into things. Their debut single “Time" is one such instance. Consisting of producer MKSTN (Michael Le) and Avery Florence, you can see right off the bat from listening to “Time” that the band lets things simmer slowly, letting the melody and groove fall upon listeners and letting it seethe in the backburner as Florence’s beautiful and haunting vocals takes the forefront.


Their songwriting process follows in a similar vein. According to, the duo wants to create entire worlds within each of their songs. That is why they call themselves “fantasy R&B duo from space.” Their goal is to wrap audiences into a dream-like immersion space where they can at the same time be grounded by real experiences and emotions. Each of their sessions would start with “deep talks for an hour before we do anything.” This is one of the ways they are able to get into their headspace.


You can see the duo is taking their time with “Time.” On the MV, everything seems to be a continuous flux as listeners enter a timeless state where the flow of nature’s waves, life and death, light and darkness is all one ongoing continuum.


Feeding into the sounds are the piano, guitar and electronic riffs. The real smooth blend adds a cinematic appeal to the music, as this real cool number will really transport you with its otherworldly and surreal vibes. Whether you’re in the mood for something to move you or a relaxation accompaniment, this is definitely something that will take you away from your everyday. This debut proved to be a good introduction to the duo’s sound. Though Covid has proved challenging in the past few months, the band is sitting on a number of songs that they hope to release in the next upcoming months. Be sure you stay tuned!



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Flostate's "Time"
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