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Dream Collab Series #20: Eddwords reveals his top dream collaborator

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Eddwords Eddwords

As a part of the Dream Collab Series, artist #20 is Eddwords. Diversal Founder Alex Jackson travelled to Kalispell, Montana where he met with Eddwords right in his studio, the Treehouse.


During the interview, when the question ‘Who your dream collaborator would be?’ was brought up, Eddwords did not hesitate to respond: J. Cole.


Eddwords names J. Cole as his favorite artist, having listened to his music for years. He is a big fan of Cole’s production style, the beats he makes and what he brings to the table as far as a musician, artist and vocalist.


Eddwords is one of the up-and-coming hip hop artists to come out of the Northwest region. Originally from Nashville, his releases usually connect the two realms he has grown within in his life. He brings in classic hip hop vibes with a modern twist and unique flavor. Listeners will right away be reeled in by his natural-sounding flow as he reinforces our listening experience with succession after succession of lyrical fire.


If you see this, J. Cole, we would love your thoughts on a possible collaboration with Eddwords.


Take a look at the interview below:




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Eddwords x J. Cole
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