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Yaielle Golden mixes classic R&B stylings with more modern bearings on new EP 'P.S. Then Came Summer'

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Yaielle Golden Yaielle Golden

P.S. Then Came Summer is Yaielle Golden’s introduction to the world of her brand of R&B and hip hop. The Little Rock, Arkansas native is multi-talented. She not only sings and writes, but she is also an instrumentalist, producer and engineer. In creating this bedroom recording, she filled all these roles.


The artist has yet to reach eighteen years of age and is already catching the world’s attention with her catchy soul and R&B gems. The EP, which was distributed under her label, SUFFCNCY Entertainment, is a four-track collection that showcases Golden’s range as an up-and-coming artist. Harnessing ‘90s era hip hop and R&B into her sound, Golden’s music feels both vintage and modern as her sounds takes the best of both worlds and packs it into the four tracks on this EP.


P.S. Then Came Summer moves forward with “Make-Believe,” where smooth R&B beats roll in on the start of this track. Golden’s suave flow right away will arrest listeners. The vibes feel very chill and mellow. Golden’s delivery is just right, mixing in the sound of birds chirping with a lounge vibe. Golden really brings back the heydays of old school hip hop with her evocative rap style. The ear-pleasing singing interwoven in the mix will really draw listeners. More laid-back R&B vocal stylings fill “Someone You Would Know.” The sounds are alluring and inviting. I loved how smooth and soothing Golden’s vocals were. I thought she really delivered on this song.


Toward “Carino,” monotonous piano chord progressions slowly evolve into scintillating beats and grooves. Golden’s vocals are soulful and soaring. This was another rich R&B track with some great pop and electronic sensibilities. Some melodious keys and beats add traction to “Summer Nights.” Off to a happening groove, the rhythms on this song is upbeat and energized. I loved all the flavorful energies on this track. This felt like a vibrant song that really brings back the spirit of the summery months. I thought this was an excellent way to close the album.


Each track on this EP stood out on its own, with every one of the songs sounding different and each shining on its own merit. From cozy warm vocal stylings to some smooth conversational rap sequences and some soulful R&B leanings, this project feels like an eclectic undertaking with the themes of love and melody tying each of these songs together in a cohesive manner. Golden has made a beautiful debut EP worthy of note. She shows great potential with this set of songs and I look forward to seeing more in the not so distant future.




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Yaielle Golden's 'P.S. Then Came Summer"
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