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Jon Wiilde's latest single "Felt Whole" is an electronic pysch-soaked trip bursting with flavors

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Jon Wiilde Jon Wiilde

Jon Wiilde’s latest single “Felt Whole," released via Jonathan Wiilderness Records, is a psychedelic ride down heavily-driven synths and provocative beats. As you tune into this haze dream-filled reverie, what you get are some real soothing and haunting vibes.


The Sacramento-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist displays some true talent in actualizing a ‘70s-inspired sound that does not sacrifice a modern-based feel. As warbling synths add an accelerated dimension to “Felt Whole,” Wiilde’s vocals come down easy with a real mellow sound. The hazy undertones of the music really drove home a classic rock vibe as he explores new possibilities within this foundation of sounds. Wiilde holds true to his roots with a vintage appeal all the while embellishing his own style of rock music to the vibes.


As ambience plays a direct line to the moods and style of this piece, you can feel Wiilde’s stellar even-toned vocals smoothly transport you to a brand-new setting. With a polished sound, “Felt Whole” consistently brings the laid-back soothing grooves he is known for. Reverberating and mellow at the same time, Wiilde’s latest single is an electronic pysch-soaked trip that will leave you wanting more. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Jon Wiilde's "Felt Whole"
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