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Isanna conjures her dark side with "I Wear Black"

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Isanna Isanna

Classically-trained singer-songwriter Isanna is releasing her brand-new single “I Wear Black” – furthering the genre by adding to the momentum that is pop music.


Written and produced by the singer in one day, the video features the immediacy seen in the lyrics and music. As the vibe on the track builds and builds, the sound within the song grows and what you get is an atmospheric electro soundscape filled with bleak and desolate themes.


The MV, which was filmed in Iceland, provides a stark backdrop to the emotionally searing landscape of the lyrics. Stormy forefronts and clashing waves display a dystopian-like vision unveiling before viewers’ eyes. As Isanna sings about embracing the darkness inside all of us. Her vocals are really bewitching. The hypnotic vocals and entrancing beats really left me mesmerized. Isanna channels a Billie Ellish vibe to her singing. She really conjures her predecessor’s sound here all the while going one step further by honing into her own style and sound on this eccentric and electric number.


The sounds on this track are poignant and treads into deep territory - one we may have long since buried but has now resurfaced. Isanna really addresses the darkness that lies in each of our souls with this dynamic and captivating electronica and synth-pop melding. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Isanna's "I Wear Black"
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