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Gregory Dillon introduces to the world his brand of sad bop euphoria with "lovely"

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Gregory Dillon Gregory Dillon

Brooklyn-based artist Gregory Dillon got his start by secretly singing Phantom of The Opera in his basement and skidding asphalt alone on his green Razor scooter. To get his career rolling, Dillon moved to Brooklyn where he began to re-explore the confusing landscape that shaped his youth though the power of music. Classically trained as a performer, his first instrument being the piano, Dillon harnesses his musical sensibilities in actualizing a sad pop euphoria for enthusiasts of the genre. He can be seen anywhere from sound tracking a ballet, to writing your next favorite sad bop.


Dillon is bringing to the listener his new single “lovely,” via Afterlife, taken from his upcoming debut EP sad magic.


Dillon has also released a music video accompaniment to the single. In the spirit of Halloween, the MV very much goes into the tropes of scary movies. The intro, inspired by the cult classic The Blair Witch Project, opens up with the announcement that the following footage was assembled from memory cards and DV tapes found in the woods of Stamford, Connecticut on Oct. 5, 2020. Right from the start, the eerie vibes are unleashed as the video pans out to a very dark and sinister view of an abandoned building through night vision. Next, a few characters are introduced as well as Dillon, who are all about to go on a camping trip. After a lengthy exposition, Dillon is singled out and separated from the group. The video, centered around Dillon, then follows him on his adventures.


Dillon’s vocals are very smooth and evoke an ‘80s inspired vibe that sounded both breathless and alluring at the same time. The sound revolves around synth-pop infused melodies and new wave tinged vocals. The sounds were inviting and charismatic all at once. What unfolds is a sound that pulls you backward to a nostalgic feel with a vibe that is unique to the artist. As the track adds another dimension to his sound, Dillon proves he stands out with this stand-alone single that is a taster of what is to come. As he completes his sound with a familiarity and nostalgia for another era, his music comes full circle, tracing his disconcerting adolescence to a more emblazoned adulthood. He brings you both nightmares and daydreams on this exquisite new track.


After three single releases in 2020, sad magic is the anticipated first EP for queer pop artist Gregory Dillon. Reaching 1m+ Spotify streams across his catalog, Dillon continues to impress globally, with major press. He’s already been supported heavily places like Billboard & Gay Times, V Magazine & Pride, the latter who described Gregory as “your new favourite synthpop singer-songwriter.”



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Gregory Dillon's "lovely"
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