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Harry Jay-Steele drops Afrobeats-influenced new single "Not Quite Like This"

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Harry Jay-Steele Harry Jay-Steele

East London based songwriter, guitarist and producer Harry Jay-Steele is releasing his latest single “Not Quite Like This,” another cut from his upcoming debut album, Boundaries, due out for release on December 4th via Naim Records.


The single showcases Jay-Steele’s chameleon-like skills as he enwraps audiences with his ability to blend influences from elements of soul, indie, African and electronic. The sound that comes across is eclectic, melding rich layers of percussive rhythms, tasteful guitarwork and deft poeticism. Jay-Steele creates unique music that will leave an impression onto listeners. He works in electronica, Afro-beats and even auto-tuned effects into his sound, producing an elastic vibe that goes on to showcase his versatility and range as an artist.


“Not Quite Like This” opens with plucking on strings that provides an invigorating experience. Jay-Steele’s vocals are evocative, offering up a fluidity felt through the shifting effect of his auto-tuned vocals. Bare guitar riffs also get actualized. The Afro backbeats finishes off the sound as keys also washes over.


Jay-Steele keeps audiences cued into his work. Altogether he provides listeners with an immersive listening experience and as the music flows over us, we are glued to our seats, riveted by Jay-Steele’s mastery with his vocals and driven World Beat-inspired music. As the artist elevates our mood through layers of glossy textures and styles, it is undeniable that he is going places with his sound. With ill-contained energy and a sound bursting with flavors and distinctive notes, Jay-Steele’s new release should be in the radar of fans of the aforementioned genres and tastes. Be sure you have a listen today!


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Harry Jay-Steele's "Not Quite Like This"
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