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Ben Zaidi takes us up-close-and-personal with an intimate performance on "What If I Took Your Place..?"

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Ben Zaidi Ben Zaidi

Ben Zaidi is a true magician. Through agile vocal abilities and his talents programming beats on the computer, Zaidi enchants us with music brimming with innovation and depth. The compositions he writes and produces in his bedroom showcases his talents in rendering emotionally immersive pieces through available instruments. Zaidi shows us he has a deft hand on the pulse of the scene, able to combine the confessional songwriting of Blue-period Joni Mitchell with the sonic minimalist of James Blake.


Growing up in Seattle, he began writing songs in high school that caught the attention of labels and ultimately, Harvard University, where he enrolled to study music and poetry. Gradually, he developed a following online, relocated to New York City, and by 2019 had sold out multiple shows on his debut headline tour and earned a “Top 20 Albums of the Year” nod from the Seattle Times for his collab LP with Budo, ABANDONISM.


Zaidi’s latest single “What If I took Your Place…?” released via AntiFragile Music, sees the artist displaying more of the personalized storytelling in his brutally honest lyrics with a pared down production that he has become known for.


The track opens up with upbeat percussions that run underneath this song. As Zaidi’s vocals comes in, he channels a very James Blake vibe with his auto-tuned vocals. The similarities were very obvious, but Zaidi is able to bring his own flavor into the mix, blending sparse layers of electronica with his vulnerable styled vocals and bitingly relevant lyrics.


Zaidi is able to directly relate to audiences with his searing vocals and candid lyrics. As he bares-all, on tracks like “What If I Took Your Place..?” he offers up an intimate performance, an up-close-and-personal interaction with the listener as if he is merely a few feet away, melting our hearts with his distinctive sound and style. While his songs often meditate on love and solitude, listeners who dive in, will find a quick remedy to the loneliness they might feel in these difficult times. Audiences will not so feel so alone. Zaidi’s soaring vocal powers and his moving music is the perfect elixir for our period of isolation. Confinement has never been so easy now that we have Zaidi’s music to accompany us. The performer’s bedroom pop is the perfect setup for some quarantine blues. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Ben Zaidi's "What If I Took Your Place..?"
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