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Ariel Gold creates ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes with new single "Innocence"

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Ariel Gold Ariel Gold

Ariel Gold is an independent singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, electroacoustic artist and painter from Toronto. She majors in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University. She melds her two passions, music and art, together to create an environment where audiences can enjoy her works in the same outlet. She produces all her own album covers and the effect is like that of a gallery on her Spotify page.


Her other love, poetry, of which some of it is performed on her album, Weather, at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Gardiner Museum on the opening night of Yoko Ono’s recent exhibit “The Riverbed” goes on to showcase her range of talents.


Her 10-song LP, Weather, immerses audiences in genres that range from indie-folk, R&B, alternative rock and experimental folk to art pop with a poignant backdrop of ethereal sounding synths, guitar distortions and hauntingly authentic vocals.


Her recent single “Innocence," released via Spadinababy, sees the artist experimenting with more ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes in which the listener can experience all this within the space of a song. The ambience within the track displays mood and feeling with a sound and style that could only be described as her own. As a staccato vibe on strings create an airy effect, the warbling synths produces a peaceful and soothing sound. Next, the electronic beats struts in. The sounds are resonating and surround you, giving you the vibe of being cocooned within swaths of silk waiting to be transformed by the music.


Gold really opens up avenues for listeners to dive deep into their own intense emotions as the creative process for herself is one twisted by her own raw painful experiences through the lens of her creative vision. Therapeutic as well as a cathartic release for both her and the listener, Gold has unleashed a beguiling piece of work that blends all her loves from art, music and poetry into a coherent and seamless process. She is able to effortless paint a picture in our minds, invoking our imaginations to surface by tantalizing us with her highly visual lyrics and poignant performances. Her dreamy sounds are above all haunting sonic landscapes that will sear itself into hearts and minds. Without a doubt, this promising performer is here to stay. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Ariel Gold's "Innocence"
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