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Minimalism is key on Team Solo's debut single "It Only Makes Me Love You More"

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Team Solo Team Solo

Team Solo, a brand-new project from East London’s Scuta Salamanca, is ready to unleash his debut single “It Only Makes Me Love You More” due out for a September 25th release.


With Team Solo, Salamanca plans to release a project with collaborations all across the board. Not wanting to merely make a solo project, he invites a guest to perform on each song during the process of recording. The collaborations feature an eclectic bunch – some he knows, others he has never met or even spoken to. This allows for an ‘anything goes’ mentality, leaving the guest artists free to innovate and experiment on the sound as well as keeping true to what Team Solo is.


While innovation is key, minimalism is the other things of note on “It Only Makes Me Love You More.” Salamanca wanted to make something simple enough, he could easily pack everything in one bag and perform anywhere in the world. This mantra for more stripped-down compositions permeates the new single, and listeners should anticipate the move to more simplicity in Salamanca’s future releases.


Percussive beats introduce “It Only Makes Me Love You More” with an energetic pulse. On this release, Salamanca teams up with Nick Crofts on piano and Alex Reeves on percussion. Each player lends their hand in actualizing the track. The rhythms and melodies are upbeat and ear-catching. With a dynamic vibe, the artist really drives the song home with a minimalistic approach that really shines. The beats contain an amped feel that is infectious. Salamanca’s vocals are equally dynamic. He really sings his heart out here and I really enjoyed his vocal performance. I also want to highlight how refreshing the guitar riffs were. They offered a wonky, funky vibe that I found very invigorating.


Awash in driven percussive beats that are executed in an uplifting manner, Salamanca takes listeners on a vibrant journey through indie, pop and ska territory. He packs in the minimalism, and with minimalism being his signature vibe, the sound that arises is very simple. But that is all a part of its charm. Salamanca’s debut single is very attention-grabbing and is a taste of what is to come. For those of you who have followed Salamanca in his past work as a member of The Dallas Guild and Social Skills, will find something in his new solo endeavors to enjoy. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Team Solo's "It Only Makes Me Love You More"
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