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Be No Rain's synth-based "Deadweight" fastens a retro-styled sound with a finger on both the new and old

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Be No Rain Be No Rain

At the helm of Be No Rain is Sam Frankl. The London-based artist rectifies a sound merging contemporary pop with indie rock and ‘70s radio on his new single “Deadweight." The track is his first single off his forthcoming new album Strawberry Backstory to be released via One Two Many Records, and like its other counterparts aptly maps out the confluences of his sound.


Synth-based with many parts fastening a retro-styled sound, Frankl merges the old and new with a sound that is all his own. Toting the line between modern and vintage, his music converges on the theme of youth and destruction with a range and style that will definitely speak to a wide demographic of listeners.


The synth-based sound on “Deadweight” revolves around sparse electric guitar riffs. The sound recalls an early ‘90s era rock vibe. He makes pop music that is nostalgic of that era. The music progresses with a mellow groove. The themes of heartache and love lost carries a teen angst vibe and what is more teen angsty than the prom. The visuals to the single brandishes a prom theme with balloons, streamers and a stage on which Frankl performs on. The annual pageantry intersects into Be No Rain’s visuals, both music videos and live shows. With the incoming new record, Frankl promises to create for listeners the perfect accompaniment for that experience.


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Be No Rain's "Deadweight"
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