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The youthful energy is infectious and vibrant on Speelburg's "When You Want Me"

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Speelburg Speelburg


Brighton-based, Belgian-American multifaceted artist Speelburg is unleashing more new music with “When You Want Me,” the second offering from his upcoming album, Porsche, due for release September 18th via Ultra Music/Ultra Records/Hometown Records/Relentless Records/Sophomore Slump.


The MV features Speelburg dressed in a matador outfit, edited with footage from the running of the bulls in Pamplona. The self-professed movie bluff as exemplified by his moniker, is as much a visual artist as he is an innovative musician. This is best represented by his previous videos, the Vice-featured “Screener Season” – Speelburg’s ode to Sofia Coppola films – and the Clash-featured animated “Headlights.”


“When You Want Me” is an exuberant track. The song starts out with a big bang with horns, drums, percussions, guitars and bass lines all fueled by a pulsating electro beat. Written and produced by the artist himself, the track sees the talented artist and producer playing most of the instrumentation himself except for the brass played by his friend Paul Silver.



This is a fast-paced song that consists of an amped and happening sound comprised of a wide array of instrumentation. The song is up-tempo and listeners will be swayed by the captivating sounds. Lush strings also goes on to trace this compelling track. The vibe is out of this world and spectacular. This is definitely a fun-loving track that captures a youthful energy this is contagious and riveting all at once!


The artist mentions about the meaning behind the song: “It’s about cosmic longing. Like when you find someone you’re both linked through time and space. Be it love, infatuation or friendship. I’ve got a few people in my life where it feels like our frequencies are humming in tandem. Whenever we find ourselves in the world, it’s like no time has passed and we’re always available to each other, night and day and in any dimension.”


It is also this deep sense of connection that gravitates us to Speelburg’s magnetizing style and sound. Without a doubt, there is just something so transfixing about Speelburg’s infectious electro-pop compositions that definitely puts him on a wavelength of his own. Infallibly his own man, Speelburg makes original and unique music that sounds like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Be sure you have a listen today!




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