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Nana Adjoa gives us a rich and immersive listening experience with her latest single "Throwing Stones"

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Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa returns with “Throw Stones,” another track from her highly anticipated debut album which is due for release this fall via Bloomer Records.


Adjoa’s poignant lyricism often mediates complicated questions of race, gender, religion and sexuality, exploring the meaning and make-up of one’s identity.


And her latest single is no different. Unrelenting, Adjoa exercises her role as sonic explorer on this track, brandishing her deft poeticism and a fierce sense of musicianship as a sense of journey is kindled in this awe-inspiring and uplifting track. 



On “Throw Stones,” a prominent drumming beat arrives toward the start of this track. The swirl of finger-picking on the guitar provides a lush and intricate work on the backdrop of this song. The sound of synths jut in intermittently. Adjoa’s vocals are silky smooth with an elegant pulse. Etched into her vocals is also a sense of vulnerability that really ties together the sensitivity invested in this track. This is a dramatic ballad with a stirring sense of urgency underlining it. Industrial sounding synths also paves this song. The sound of lush strings adds a harmonic and melodic layer to this riveting number.


Adjoa demonstrates that she is a staunch innovator of sound, as she handles all the majority of the instrumentation herself, using a wide array of instruments. The process allowed her to develop a multi-layered sound that is as intimate as it is expansive.


Touching and nuanced, the artist opens new avenues to life and love with her surreal and warm performances. With “Throw Stones,” Adjoa bares her emotions on this inviting track. You can tell from her lyrics that nothing escapes her and as we are going through trying times, she is able to find her voice and relate with audiences on multiple levels through music, craft and lyrics. Adjoa gives us a rich and sweeping listening experience on her latest release.


The artist explains, “is about me calming myself down in difficult times. To feel, regroup and reflect. If you need that right now, to feel it to embrace it and slowly heal, you can listen to this song and count to ten. You don’t always have to be ‘on,’ you are allowed to take time, to rest and come back feeling refreshed, better and stronger. I hope this song gives you pause, time to breathe…”




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