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The Future of Album Releases in the 2020s and Post COVID-19

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We've entered into a new decade, and likewise unprecedented times. Everyone is trying to navigate through life right now the best way they can. For artists, releasing an album right now may be tricky, however with the right outlook success for artists is definitely possible. 

Around late March when quarantining was in full effect. Dua Lipa released her second studio album "Future Nostalgia." Though it was highly praised by many critics, the album didn't garner that much public attention. Many speculated the reason as to why was because Lipa's public relations team weren't prepared to transition into majority online promotion for the album due to COVID-19 social distancing measures.

On the other hand, The Weeknd debuted his fourth album "After Hours" during the same week as Lipa released "Future Nostalgia," and his album remained number one on the Billboard chart for three weeks. Though The Weeknd is a well-respected musician, other notable artists like Lil Uzi Vert also released "Eternal Atake" during March, and his album wasn't particularly well-received by general audiences. 

So, What Has The Weeknd Done That's Made Him Stand Out From Other Musicians?

People are always looking for art that pushes the boundaries of conventionally. Art that inspires them. 

In "After Hours," The Weeknd shifts into a persona, a character the likes of Jim Carrey in "The Mask." There is also a visual aspect in his music videos and the promotion of his latest album that is modelled after his favourite movies like "Chinatown," "Dressed to Kill," and "Possession." 

"After Hours" has set precedent for other albums that are going to be released in this decade. There is definitely a possibility that music will become more visually incorporated during this decade. At the moment, Spotify is planning to launch video and context-based streaming in its platform, so corporations may be pushing artists to create their music more visually aspected.

Or maybe, music will now shift into a more different genre. There was the age of Rock and Roll, and then the subsequent Pop domination in the 2000s, as of now the culture is gravitating towards Hip Hop. There is an opportunity for an artist to really bend a genre into something palatable to the youth.

How music is being created and consumed is constantly changing. Certainly, now that face to face interactions are no longer available, most musicians will have to figure out different ways to interact with their audiences.

Digital Concerts and Musicians Monetizing on Social Media 

Artists are now live-streaming their concerts, mostly to bring forth unity in these uncertain times but to also promote their entity. Everyone's got to eat, and going viral even for just a day is enough to bring your capital up. 

With social distancing measures still being enforced, artists likely won't be touring until early next year. Much like CDs and records used to be the bread and butter for artists, once streaming was born, concerts then became their new mode of earnings. 

Social gatherings being prohibited will most likely cause artists to figure out new ways to gain exposure, and companies to recoup their expenses through different methods. 

I have yet to see a new effective system in which artists are able to profit while giving their audience what they want. Watching a performance on Instagram doesn't feel quite the same as being at a concert in person. If the artist is able to bridge that gap and build closeness to the public. Then indie artists and not so big label musicians will be able to thrive during this time. 

It's The Age of Aquarius Baby! 

There is much to be excited about this new beginning that is the 2020s. Despite its awful start, we still have another ten more years to go. So guys, let's just hold out and see what the future has in store for us.

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