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The pensive tracks on Todd Warner Moore's latest album 'Overnight Flight' overflows with warmth and effusiveness

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Todd Warner Moore Todd Warner Moore

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Todd Warner Moore is currently based out of Lamma Island in Hong Kong for the past nine years. He is a prolific artist, having penned a diverse catalogue of music over time. He has performed in several bands including Acoustic Juice and Budapest-based Tea Thieves.


In June 2018, he released the eclectic Lapis Lazuli, followed by the acclaimed Spark in October of the same year. The intimate and minimalistic Love and Change surfaced on April 19, 2019. Only four months later, Moore released Starry Sounds. While all the albums are acoustically-based, each album retains its own unique flavor. Path Overgrown was released on December 10, 2019. Moore’s current album Overnight Flight was released April 26, 2020.


With a sound that contain dashes of folk, ‘60s psychedelia, Americana, ‘70s singer-songwriter, Gipsy and Latin music, you can tell that Moore is inspired by a broad array of genres. Each of these acoustic tracks are rendered with care and attention. Moore’s profound sense of life and its deepest mysteries are permeated in these arresting set of songs. These tracks address his philosophies and what you get is a thought-provoking series of songs that will compel you to seek out more of his work.


Overnight Flight opens up with the title-track, where a striking sound comes from the acoustic guitar. The deft strumming adds in an evocative appeal. The tone is very inviting. Moore’s vocals come in with warmth and effusiveness. His voice is both smooth and soothing at the same time, filled with a vulnerability that adds a delicacy to this sensitive song.


The lovely cadence of the acoustic guitar adds a beatific range on “Suns.” Moore’s vocals are emotionally powered. He sings with passion and warmth. This is a duet filled with fiery components that add weight to this dramatic track.


Airy electric guitar riffs sound off on the soaring “Big Blue Wave.” Moore’s vocals come in with a full-on inviting and warm vibe. This is a soft lilting song. A hushed sense of expectancy come from the vocals which are sung in a near whisper. There is a lulling sense to this track much like of that in a lullaby. The instrumentals are sparse. This is a stripped-down number with just the acoustic guitar interwoven with electric guitar.


Toward “Wake Up Feeling Fine,” deft strumming on the acoustic guitar starts off this song. Moore’s vocals come in with warmth and an inviting sense. This is a heartfelt number. Synths offer up an airy and ambient element. Reverberating electric guitar riffs add to the soaring cadence. The combined vocal harmonic layers are dynamic and evocative.


In the singer-songwriter vein, Moore wears his heart on his sleeve on these heartfelt numbers. His vocals on these intimate performances are warm and are suffused with his effusive and effervescent personality. Seeped with his intuitive perspective, these pensive tracks will put listeners in a contemplative mood as they meditate on life’s more thought-provoking mysteries. These songs add a captivating scope to the innate details of life. With a searing mindfulness, Moore delves into adding consciousness to our every day-to-day. This Zen-like approach to music making will awaken listeners to a more blissed out inner state. Overnight Flight speaks about the little things and the big things as well that might unravel as we go about our lives. This is a nuanced album that will be sure to resonate with listeners. Be sure you have a listen today!




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