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EPK's: Do artist still need them in the coming generation?

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Hello All!

Thanks for tuning in. Today, I want to talk about EPKs versus social media!

First things first. What IS an EPK? EPK stands for electronic press kit. It came about not long after the internet age started to revolutionze the music industry in the mid to late nineties. Before then, it was simply just press kits that were used.  You know , you hear about bands like Nirvana putting a demo cassette tape together with some physical band photos and maybe a hand written letter to the record companies?


The internet made this process so much easier!


So, what are the contents of a Electronic press kit?

EPK's normally feature a bio, audio clips, videos, photos, press, set list, basic technical requirements, and a calendar. Its the most efficient way for booking agents, record labels, etc to get the run down on who you are as a artist and what your needs are, should they hire you for a gig. These electronic press kits have been the staple to success for the past twenty or so years. Having all of this in one space at the click of a button is super beneficial and easy for everyone involved. Its no wonder it's been so popular for all these many years.


But we're starting to notice a transition in the culture.


Nowadays record labels are signing youtube and instagram sensations. They arent doing artist development anymore, and it seems like Press kits are even becoming obsolete to getting discovered and coming up in the industry.


The number one thing that a record label or booking agent will look for in the current generation is your social media following. How many followers does this person have? Have many likes per post are they averaging? How many people are actually actively interacting with this artist?

To them, all that translates to $$$$.

This is the reason that music artist such as Bhad Bhabie (who grew from internet fame after the infamous "Catch Me Outside Phrase" slipped out of her mouth at the tinder age of 13 on Dr. Phil) can be so successful with a major label backing.

Kids these days flock towards simplicity and nonsense. Its just how things are now, unfortunately.


To all my artist out there, though, dont be discouraged! Sure, nonsense and ignorance sell easier, but also you have to realize that its easier now than ever to put yourself on !

You can build a brand entirely off of social media. You can eat good and feed yourself and your family entirely off of social media! You can hate if you want to , but instagram models, for example, are having full fledged careers from the platform. You just gotta know how to play the game and Brand yourself.


So my advice to all upcoming artist is to invest time into building your social media presence. Get your vision together, so that when the time comes, you have a brand built via social media and a gameplan for when those who want to give you an opportunity, come about.


Are EPK's Dead? To an extent? yes. And I say yes, because social media is the new EPK. Everything that would be in a EPK can be found on your social media if executed properly.


That being said, I think having an official EPK on deck will actually impress labelheads, festival heads, booking agents, etc. It comes off as you being a artist who is serious about their craft.


Id like to reccomend for any up and coming artist who want to put an EPK together. It's user friendly, and not only do they help you put a EPK together, but there are constant opportunities to apply for festivals, concerts, etc,etc using the platform.


Here is a link to sonicbids:


 Hope you found this helpful, thanks for tuning in to Diversal!


-Max Ataraxis


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