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Who we are

Our Mission

Brownsville Talented XTH Tech Incubator is a full service tech incubator located in Brooklyn. Our focus is to provide innovative Web Design, Games and Mobile-Apps for clients and consumers. As a working incubator we partner with creative and future thinkers on the development and execution of new ideas.

A Mutually Supportive Beehive of Innovation

What we offer

Safe Productive Space

The only business in the areas of Brownsville, Crown Heights, and East New York offering a safe space for members to develop Websites, Games, Mobile-Apps, and Music.

Network of Partners & Collaborators

A structured working lab for partners to nurture entreprneurs in business and innovation.

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Brooklyn's Talented XTH 
1776 Union Street 1H
Brooklyn, NY, 11213

Contact Kurt347-451-2242

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